eBook: Item Analysis Analytics


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Item analysis statistics are some of the most powerful indicators of item quality, and these are tools that any test developer should be using in their work. 

They help us find out whether items need to be improved, sent to the scrap heap, or left as they are because they meet all the criteria for being included in an assessment.

This eBook provides instruction on the principles of item analysis using a variety of examples. It provides guidance on what to look for and how to apply these principles in your work.

This eBook covers:


Red tick bullet point  A quick overview on classical test theory

Red tick bullet point  An introduction to item analysis

Red tick bullet point  The process of conducting an item analysis

Red tick bullet point  What to look for in an item analysis report

Red tick bullet point  Psychometrics: The good, the bad and the ugly

Red tick bullet point  Determining whether an item makes the grade


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